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what others are saying

what others are saying and it doesn't hurt our feelings one bit...


“Just wanted to report in on Cure.  I am amazed.  That has cleared my husband’s skin right up. Now, he has to use it 2x a day to keep the old symptoms away. That is o.k. bacause he finally has something that works.”

“OMW (oh my word)! We are in love! I will be ordering more soon.” joanne

“Oh my goodness I am addicted to it. Even my husband said my skin looked better not even knowing I was using your stuff.” rachel

“It really keeps my body moisturized! I used in Mexico as an after sun product and continued to use when I got home, and I never dried out or flaked off my tan like I would in the past.” lana 

“I get compliments on a healthy smooth glow all the time and always reference BloomNaturals. Also love the smell!” linda

“I use Nourish on my face and hands, love that is is a totally natural product, and it really has been the best thing for my face, I am 44 , I have also ordered it for my gr-babies,it worked great on there dry and sore bottoms.” carol

“biggest thing is that I feel good about putting on a product that I know is good for me. Also, I LOVE that in the winter, it gives me a glow to my skin. I have people comment a lot in the winter that I look healthy, or my skin looks great, because so often we look pretty grey in the winter. but this is so great!” emilie

“I received a jar of nourish at Christmas time and have loved it! I have never used a product that did my skin such good.  I love it--thank you for the good research and development you did to create it.”   stephanie

“I LOVE my NOURISH! Nothing I've tried in years has left my face blemish free while softening and adding elasticity to my skin. Thank you!”    marcy

“Thank you so much - it's wonderful!”    kathleen

“I am really enjoying Nourish....It has helped the dryness from winter on my face...

"I gave some to my daughter who is 28...she had some forehead lines coming on....she has just used it since Christmas and has had wonderful results.”

“I am putting it on my hands the last few days... Takes the itch out of surgery scars too.”    Esther

“So, NOURISH--I really like the product.  I was a little worried at first because my history with facial products is one of needing less hydration/oil;however, I find as I've gotten older that changes in my body are screaming for my hydration!”    DeDe

“I tried mine last night - put it on my face before bed and the lines around my eyes were finer this morning!  I had to look twice to be sure I wasn't imagining things!”   Vicki

“I put it on once after showering and then went to bed, my skin was so soft in the morning.”    Theresa

“...as lily was putting the cream you gave her on her hands, I thought to myself, "this is how little businesses start. I should tell molly she could sell this stuff, it's so good. What a healthy, beautiful thing to make and sell.”    my oldest sister and Lily, her beautiful daughter who use NOURISH to clear up her eczema. She sent this email after I emailed her to tell her the boys and I were going to sell this good stuff as NOURISH.