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better than organic?

grapefruitinbowl.jpg"Organic" and "natural" is the new black. As we learn more about food and how it is processed, we should look to "organic" to protect against GMO's and other toxins. But relying on a product to be organic doesn't guarrantee it is safe or healthy. 

In my research, I have discovered that, while a product my be organic, it is almost always filled with lots of organic alcohol, preservatives and fillers that are useless, toxic and/or irritating to the skin. Just because a product claims to have “cucumber seed extract” in it, doesn’t mean there aren’t junk ingredients in it also. Thus, buyer beware of believing that organic certification always means safe or healthy.

Back to the idea of being better than organic. While many ingredients are “derived” from some plant, most have been processed to extract and isolate a particular compound of that plant. At Bloom, we choose to use plant oils that naturally contain Vitamin E rather than buying Vitamin E isolated in a laboratory. These processes involves lab coats, test tubes and manipulation which leaves it less than natural and often a sythetic form of the original.

This happens all over the place in the skin care industry. So our passion is to be a company you can trust to take the guess work out of ingredients by using plant oils, butters, and extracts high in nutrients to soothe, restore and revive dull aging skin. Isn't that refreshing? We think so.


chemicals.jpgClick here to find a good source for learning about toxic ingredients (the things we don't use)