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irritated skin



Do you suffer from irritated skin?

Our homes are filled with products that irritate and inflame the skin. If you or someone you know struggles with irritated skin, removing toxins from products is the first step in true healing. 

Start by removing toxins from 3 products... 


2]laundry products 

3]moisturizers or skin remedies.

1]Most cleansers strip skin of important oils which leaves skin dry and irritated. Almost all of them contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. While our cleanser, CLEAN is the most gentle and you can find, we do not recommend them for face as the facial skin is too delicate. Actually we don’t recommend cleaners for face because when the naturally occurring oils are stripped away, it leaves your skin less protected, especially for irritated skin. If you struggle with irritated skin (acne, eczema, etc.) have we a product for you! CURE is going to be your one stop shop for care. You can use CURE as a cleanser (takes off make up, too) and a moisturizer. Click here to learn about cleansers and what makes ours different.

2]Laundry detergents and fabric softeners can be the most harmful products in our homes. These products are created to coat the fibers of your fabrics which means your skin is in direct contact with these toxins night and day. While our other products help soothe irritated skin, if the irritants are still coming in contact with your skin, irritation can continue.  By removing these toxins from fabrics, your skin is truly allowed to heal. 

Currently, manufacturers of laundry products are not required to list their ingredients on the box thus you never really know what ingredients are in them. Many of them say “natural”, “dye-free”, “for sensitive skin” yet they still contain toxins like sodium laureth sulfate, brighteners, phosphates and a host of other toxins. It really is hard to trust companies these days.

3]Because we believe you shouldn’t have to search the internet for hours to find out whether a product is healthy for your family, we list ingredients on the label, in plain english. It’s that easy.

While removing toxins from your home and making healthier choices in products that effect the skin is so beneficial, using a moisturizer that soothes and helps heal is essential for complete relief. That is why we have designed CURE. So many have found relief from Cure without costly prescriptions and toxic ingredients that we are shouting it from the mountain tops (or at least on our site! Try it for yourself and experience relief, finally!

This is my soapbox. I am passionate about products being truly healthy and safe. But if they don’t work then they have no value. Try ours. You will love what it does!


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