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when thank you does not seem adequate

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Have you ever received a gift that was so generous, "thank you" didn't seem adequate? How do you truly thank someone for an spectacular gift? I have recently experienced such a "struggle."

You see, this boy we love is also loved by a dear friend. Dear. Her heart of generosity and kindness for him (really for all of us) is beautiful. It's the kingdom of Heaven coming down. Here.

Earlier this summer she came to me to ask if we would be recipients. She the giver. I was unsure how to answer, really speechless as I giggled nervously. Weeks later it was mentioned again, as if reenforcing the offer previously made.

This season has been a busy one and I hate being busy. One that has left my tank somewhat empty trying to get filled a bit so as to continue. And she saw it. She always knows things like this. Asking to take this one thing off my plate was a love gift to me. Precious on it's own. So she ran with the search. Then asked this boy we love what kind, miles, color he should want. She wanted him to have a dream. Perhaps because his life previously had been so far from it. Perhaps because she sees people deep down, not what is on the surface but what lies inside and she saw beauty, strength, fight, determination and wanted to inspire that. Perhaps she couldn't help being that kind of a person that loves people in such a way that delights in meeting needs. 

So the day arrives. She arranges it all. All. It was a surprise to us as well. I simply showed up,actually we all show up, all seven of us to her house. As the garage opens revealing the gift, there is squealing but not from him. From her. Her delight. He is speechless. Never has he received an earthly possession that compares. I cry because I know he is feeling loved, not just because of the gift but because of the giver. She has no obligation to love, she signed no papers saying she would be there and yet she is, in all her beauty.

And then she says it. It took my breath away because it was so filled with grace, so humble, so wise. "This is the kind of thing that requires ONE thank you then it is done. Forever done." So that's it. It's done just like that. And yet weeks later I still think about how one thank you doesn't seem enough. I wish to share with her how special her love is, how I feel an urge to text her "welcome home"  each time she pulls into the driveway (she lives next door), how her smile is warm and most welcoming, how she cares for us as family, how at least once a week the boys all ask if we can invite her over for dinner; they love her too.

I hope some day I can be the giver of an extraordinary gift and require only ONE thank you.

Have you been the recipient of a gift that seemed to require more than ONE thank you?

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