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Posted by Molly Rottschafer on

I take great pride in making customers (friends, really) happy as many of you can attest to. Helping you make the wises decisions regarding the health of your skin is a joy for me.

There is a fine line between keeping products at an affordable price and creating them using the finest healthy ingredients. Compare. On a label, ingredients are listed in the order of quantity, the first being the largest quantity. When you see water listed first, that means there is more of that than any other ingredient. Do we not see that we have been ripped off?

Have you considered what is really in your favorites? Maybe your little splurge is nothing more than cheap fillers mixed with some laboratory made ingredients but costs you small fortune. Maybe your inexpensive Suave lotion is formulated to hydrate for a short time until your body craves more moisture thus it keeps you reaching for more. Big corps love that.

Bloom is not owned by a huge corporation but rather a stay at home mom who creates artisan skin care. Never will you find fillers in my products but rather the highest quality plant oils, butters and extracts made by farmers who are treated and paid well. All my ingredients are kept at a low heat so the enzymes remain intact and no chemical solvents are used in the refinement process if minimal refinement is necessary at all. These ingredients are expensive yet I cannot, will not compromise them. 

Hard work has been done to make my products as affordable as possible for a wide range of people. I could offer these special products to a niche market that pays an arm and a leg per ounce but those aren't my goals. Providing healthy safe products that work well to restore your natural radiance is just one of my goals. Never compromising with cheap processed ingredients is another. It is my promise to you. 

You can't imagine the joy I get when someone who has struggled with acne emails me to share how she no longer needs to hide. Or a gentleman finds relief from itching at night when using NOURISH. Love. It.

The next time you are tempted to pick up a $5 - 10oz bottle of lotion, think about what you are really buying. Are you really getting any benefit from that $5? Is it really solving the problem or just masking it? Cheap isn't always cheap. In the same way I purchase organic greens because I know they are a better value for my body, that philosophy should apply to what we put on our largest organ, skin.

Our growth has largely been because you wonderful people have spread the word about Bloom. For that I am so grateful. 

Blessings to you all. 

Molly Rottschafer, owner of Bloom Naturals

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